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An observational study of air-sea interaction in sea ice areas of the Sea of Okhotsk and the Antarctic Ocean is the main theme of this group. Air-sea interactions make significant contributions to climate variations, especially in higher latitude due to the presence of sea ice. However, our knowledge about air-sea interactions in the ice-covered ocean is still limited. The Okhotsk Sea and the Southern Ocean are vulnerable to the climate changes. We approach this theme from in-situ observations and remotely-sensed data analyses.


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  1. Award: Professor EBUCHI, Naoto
    The JOS Prize in 2021 from The Oceanographic Society of Japan (15 September 2021)
    "Fundamental studies on satellite microwave sensors and their application to oceanographic studies"

  2. Award: Associate Professor AOKI, Shigeru
    Horiuchi Prize in 2017 from Meteorological Society of Japan (31 October 2017)
    "Observational studies on the long-term variation of the atmosphere-ocean coupled system in the Southern Ocean"

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